Recommendations for Sati:

“A year ago, when I started preparing for wedding and family with a man I love I began to realise that something was ”eating” me. There was this knot inside of me that I had tried to ”work out” but never succeeded to get rid of. At the time I was also under tremendous stress att work. I knew I didn’t want to start a family on these premises, but fear and lack of know-how kept me procrastinating finding a solution.

Later that year I had the opportunity to have a (try-out) session with Sati. I had no clue of how Sati’s coaching functioned, I just knew I needed someone to somehow guide me through my thoughts.

After my initial decline, I finally committed to the full coaching programme. It’s the best decision that I could ever have made for our little family. Already in the first session we were touching both the knot and the stress, and without understanding how, I was obtaining tools, thoughts and systems for helping me work through them both. It was an amazing experience to be part of.

I now look back at my day and smile at it, realizing I have lived it fully as I would like to, and I look forward to giving my family the start my love and I have dreamt of.” Emma W, PhD

“Running a small company is diverse. Sometimes things do not go as planned and it was at such a time I found Sati. She has helped me get my business up and running through her great knowledge and understanding regarding the issues at hand. Together with her coachingcompetencies it becomes very effective. She makes me become aware of and address the difficulties and find a way forward.” Lena Jöhnemark, coach and consultant

(Sati is) “Fantastic, just enough empathy.” U.A. civil servant

Sati is: “professional, gentle and tough at the same time. She is very trustworthy and experienced and has a simple way of coaching, very concrete. She is also a lovley human being that you feel very safe with.”  C.E. small business owner

“Without Sati’s new perspectives, thoughts and gentle push to do what I needed to do, I wouldn’t have come back on the right track so quickly. (Through the coaching) I found the path I needed to follow. She added such important angles, asks amazing questions and proposes terriffic challenges! Now I feel calm and can live again.” C.T. pilot

The coaching with Sati has always been both exciting and challenging. Sati’s professional attitude makes her able to improvise and keep the structure simultaneously. She uses her intuition, her warmth and her love, and as a client you then get fantastic coaching!!! Fantastic = effective, deep, clear!” Åsa B, nurse

“Fantastic! Sati listens, understands and is honest, fun, inspiring, insightful and humble!” A.S.E. student

“It feels like the work we do (in the coachingsession) is more important than anything else.” Petra Ekblom, actress

Companies I have worked for and with:

DnB Nor,
Åhléns Day Spa,
Lundberg och Partners AB,
BRA Arkivkonsult
LL Grafisk Design,
AA Trädgård,
Inspira AB,
DL Work Life,
Stormie Poodle,
Berger Interactive AB,
Svenska Missionskyrkan,
LAJK, Lena Jöhnemark,
Vision Design