Transforming the world one person at a time!

Through coaching, business coaching and coaching supervision

What would you do if life and business was much easier?

Business and transformational coaching

"Every time I speak to you everything becomes so easy!" Karin Dreik, Financial controller and Coach
"My tasks become concrete, possible and gain a tone of pleasure!" Susanne Örnhav, licenced psychologist
If I had a silverplatter that I could offer you anything on - what would you ask me for? Through the years my clients have worked with topics ranging from creating better relationships to fullfilling their deepest dreams. All clients have grown in conciousness, developed themselves and found a greater ease in life.

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Mentorcoaching and coaching supervision

Sometimes being a coach can be a lonely proffession. You have found great things and love to be part of creating possibilities for your clients. But who do you turn to when you are unclear and need support from collegues and further development? With over 15 years as a coach I would love to help you develop further!

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Why Sati?


Finding more than you need with a fully committed partner!


Clarity and transparance for the best results in our talks!


Tough or more supportive coaching towards your goals!


Support and empathy that creates an optimal setting.